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Hi, I'm BRIT

My main purpose of this blog is about the content and not about me.  Although sometimes I do share my real life obstacles and milestones with you. My writing is 100% me.

I was born and raised in Southern California. My current residence is in Long Beach, CA. My style is partly influenced by 80's and 90's Rock n' Roll. I’m a longtime admirer of all things girly, so gold and bright pops of colors along with a mix of textures are always my default. I started this blog in May of 2016 while working as a Design Assistant in Los Angeles. I've now grown to Merchandising Coordinator at a well know denim company and look forward to what my MBA degree brings to my career ventures ahead. 

My goal is to one day run the blog full-time and travel around the world, absorbing style and culture as I go.

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When I first started studying Fashion Design I was the classic design student wanting my own line after graduating, but after the quarters and courses went by, even while getting good grades, I learned fast that having a fashion company is  hard work and being a one man show is not a smart way to have a successful brand. That's when I decided to continue my education in Business Management, getting my Bachelors degree and then my MBA in Business Administration. Along the way I've had many amazing opportunities that girls or designers get the chance to encounter.

2015 - White Destructed Denim *Seen on the BET Awards Red Carpet worn by Juston Kace

These custom white denim jeans I made for Juston Kace have continuously been seen in more of his work.

2016 - This was the year of the most amazing creation of all. A creation of something where I can be creative through writing to connect with an audience of fashion lovers, but also to show my unique style and how/where I get each item of clothing that's from my closet that I have actually purchased, and not free PR clothing. This blog was born, and eventually I learned what worked and what didn't for my viewers. I worked 6 months on building the site/blog for 6 months before going live.

After 6 months of editing and adding new blog posts, I decided I needed a fresh and easy look to the site, which landed on me going from one website builder to another (squarespace). Then went live with a whole new look to the blog 6 months after that when my website expired. Now it's been a solid year and a half almost and I am in love with using Squarespace.

2017 - When I was a design assistant for the denim company I currently work for, I designed the cutest denim skirt. One of my biggest accomplishments was getting that skirt produced and bought by the public. I have a few friends at Revolve who have celebrities constantly wearing their designs, but since the denim company is really small, seeing the general public wearing my skirt design was definitely my favorite accomplishment so far.

You can still shop my skirt design, here, and see me flaunting my design on the blog on the #OOTD tab. You can also shop my design on Revolve, Shopbob, Neiman Marcus, Zappos, Lord & Taylor, Bergdorf Goodman, and Bloomingdale's

2018 - Studying to earn my MBA degree, while working full time for a demanding denim brand, and blogging any chance I get has been the biggest time management project I've encountered in my career. I have started a consulting project with FIDM and a beauty accessory company where I have been accessing the issues within the company along with those externally and by Sept. 8th, I will have a final consultant proposal for the CEO and founder of that company to then decide what to do with my recommendations. Unfortunately there was a NDA involved, so I can't share publicly the final outcome of the project. If you are looking for more information on this project or even my consulting business, please fill out your information/comments on my contact tab at the top of this page.

Now that I've had the blog with Squarespace for quite a while now, I'm looking to give it a fresh face lift that is more user friendly instead of looking like a giant instagram explore page, I would like to include newsletters, email blasts, and a home page that showcases the feel of the entire blog and not just what was recently published.