Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

If you're a busy bee like me, you understand how hard it is to squeeze in a nail or hair appointment, but going to the dentist to get a professional teeth whitening treatment... IMPOSSIBLE... until now!

If you missed it in a previous post or you didn't see the Instagram posts, I have teamed up with Smile Brilliant. They offer great products for easy to use and professional whitening at the convenience of your home, and really anywhere you go. For instance, while I was taking blog photos for #ootd post for this exact outfit, I was whitening with SMILE BRILLIANT.

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Smile Brilliant, after choosing and purchasing a package, will give you a mold kit for the creation of your whitening trays. What's awesome is the trays aren't hard thin plastic in your mouth, but a super thin, soft flexible plastic that make whitening more comfortable since it does take about an hour for each whitening treatment. 

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The great thing about Smile Brilliant is how easy, convenient, and fast their whitening kit is. I have sensitive teeth from past whitening products, but with the kit you get whitening gel that you squeeze into the trays and leave on for around an hour, then you do the desensitizing gel to sooth your teeth and gums from the whitening solution. I've done two whitening treatments so far, and can't wait to share my before and after pictures.

Below you can see the process of Smile Brilliant. They send you everything upfront in one box that includes a pre-labeled packaging to put your molds in, then you'll have to mail them in, and about a week you will receive your official whitening trays. They are so professional and such nice people running their customer service, you won't regret becoming apart of their customers. 

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As I've shared with you before, I do work in the fashion industry outside of blogging, which is no 9-5 job, so coffee is my lifesaver daily. I love that I get the opportunity to try Smile Brilliant because I never thought I'd have incredibly white teeth with my busy work schedule and the amount of coffee I drink, which is a constant teeth staining battle. But not anymore thanks to Smile Brilliant.

Buy your Smile Brilliant whitening kit today. They have many different packages for your unique price range, shop my kit here.

Hope you enjoyed reading all about my experience so far with Smile Brilliant on how I whiten my teeth brilliantly! Until next time, don't forget to subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts.




See you soon! 

*PS, I'll have a different individual post for this outfit detailing each item :)