Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

You know longer need to worry about giving a bad gift because of shopping procrastination. Christmas is saved! Well, only if follow my gift guide that is.

If you are a last minute gift giver you are in luck. I have not 1, but 2 hell of a great list of gifts for you, and I'm even more excited for this Christmas gift guide post because I paired up with my man to create our top gifts on our wishlist.

Links for each item are more accessible, just click on the gift you wish to buy and It will take you to the website to buy the most amazing gift on his/her wish list. (Some aren't but if you click on it, you can get the URL for it.)

Her top 5 gifts to SPLURGE on: (only the best for the best)

If money is no object, here are some of the top items on mostly every girl's wishlist. Everything from Ance to Gucci. And if you are a boyfriend shopping for your girlfriend and your budget for her is around $5,000, give or take, you must follow this list. No going astray, she will love you forever if you do get her any of these items.

His top 5 gifts to SPLURGE on:

To the independent ladies who are girl bosses, this is the perfect list to truly spoil your man. He will probably not know how nice these items are or the price for them, but they will notice the quality immediately when wearing and using any of these items.

Her top 5 gifts to SAVE on: (spend less, to gift more)

To the men who can't afford to splurge and spoil, this list is the perfect guideline to shop from. These are all similar items and funny quirky items that are sure to put a smile on her face. And that the most important part when on a budget for christmas gifts for your girl, and she will not be disappointed by a single item I've listed above. Plenty of items to pick from your budget.

His top 5 gifts to SAVE on:

Here is a list for the ladies who are financially aware and still take into account that spoiling their man does not have to break the bank. I've also offered similar items from the splurge list so there is no though of having to settle on something worse than what you envisioned in getting your man for this christmas. You are a total girl boss, and buying any of these items will just show that through your gift to the special man in your life. He will be happy that you have taken the "time" to get him something that is trendy and perfect for his unique personality.

But when my man and I co-wrote this blog post he said that men are really simple, and he said this, which has stuck with me and will for all the ladies reading this post.

My man: "There’s 4 gifts that a man always wants. The latest tech, excellent food, anything alcohol related, and lingerie."


Hope you enjoyed birthday post and my thoughts on now being 24! Until next time, don't forget to subscribe and follow me on my social media accounts.




See you soon! xoxo.