Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

I'm a total all things sparkly kind of girl. In the last few years I've been interested in growing my fine jewelry collection and you will not believe the company I found most recently that you need to have in your own jewelry collection.

Jeulia Jewelry is a low to moderately priced CZ jewelry for the girls like me and you, who love diamonds, but don't have the matching budget to afford that kind of sparkly love relationship. And your men will love you for it too.

I have one triple band infinity band that is probably the most beautiful ring I've ever received, except for my promise ring from my man, of course.

Here is a look of my unboxing video of my Jeulia ring

This video really doesn't do the ring justice, it is quite the sparkler and will get your friends to look and be envious, but best of all, they will be able to afford their own Jeulia jewelry!


Shop my Jeulia ring, here.

Shop the rest of the Jeulia jewelry line, here.

I want to say thank you to the Jeulia Jewelry team for being so amazing and giving me the opportunity to talk about their jewelry line. The quality and price point for their jewelry is impeccable and totally affordable. No one even thinks that its CZ and there are no doubts that the ring isn't real diamonds. I'm really happy with the ring that I was gifted and it has now been added to my everyday jewelry.  You will not be disappointed.


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See you soon!

xoxo, BRIT