Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

A lot of people who really know me, know that I am not the kind of girl to have her signature lipstick, signature look, signature hair color/styles, and I sure as hell don't have my signature scent, until now!

Whiff is a perfume subscription that gives you the freedom to try perfumes before you buy, discover unique scents, and express your personality. I think it’s going to be huge and as part of their inaugural launch, Whiff offering all my viewers and followers a 50% discount, so you can get access to try 5 new perfumes every month for only $9.95/month and free shipping. NO BRAINER! 


How it works!

  1. Every month you’ll receive a Whiff pack (or sequence) containing 5 perfumes, 3 applications each, a total of 15 applications.
  2. Apply the fragrance to your pulse points and wear it for a day or two. See how each fragrance makes you feel.

  3. Whiff lets you rate the scents. Give it a simple thumbs up and similar scent profiles arrive in the next pack. Give it a thumbs down, and that kind of fragrance won’t be sent to you again.

  4. Your next sequence is based on your likes and it gets better and better as Whiff responds to your tastes and tailors each sequence to your preferences.

Every 6 months, you will have the opportunity to request a full-size perfume bottle of a Whiff custom creation - perfumes created by Whiff’s talented perfumists.

Click here, and use code BRITTANYBLUE for 50% OFF your Whiff subscription! You only pay $9.95 per month. After 6 months, users get a FREE full-size bottle of any Whiff custom perfume of your liking!


I can't wait for you guys to try Whiff. I have had my for about 2 weeks now and love just about every sent in the starter pack. I can't wait to see what I get next month! 

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Till next time!

xoxo, BRIT.