Mother's Day GIFT GUIDE

Mother's Day GIFT GUIDE

I'm probably the golden child of the family (most-likely self-proclaimed), only because I love love love to buy and give gifts, no matter the holiday.

I've started to think it might just be my obsession for shopping, but finding the perfect gift for people is definitely my favorite part of shopping because it gives me purpose to find the perfect gift for that individual. 

Today, I've provided the ultimate list of perfect go-to Mother's Day gifts that will no doubt be perfect gifts for the moms' in your life. So stop stressing, and scroll down to buy the mother load of all perfect mother's day gifts.

And yes this is my momma and I, aren't we just the cutest! :) Post dedication is to you, momma. Your first feature on the blog is probably my most favorite I've done yet. LOVE YOU!


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1. The Best Jewelry Cleaner in the WORLD to make your mama's jewelry sparkling just like her.

2. T3 Hot Rollers for super sexy volume and soft curls to bring sexy hair confidence to your mama.

3. "MOM BOSS" Mug to remind your mama that she's a boss ass MF and don't let her forget it.

4. "Got it from my mama" shirt to show your support for your mom, but this is also a shirt with a cause. Every purchase of this shirt benefits the groundbreaking research of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital and their cutting-edge work combating pediatric cancer, all while making sure families don’t pay a dime for anything.


5. "MF" & "Mother Superior" sock set from Mother Denim to show off the saint and the sinner between you and your mom and the bond you hold with each other. No matter what you are perfect in her eyes, and she in your's.

6. "MOM" gold/diamond necklace for the mom that is always in need of a new piece of BLING BLING.

7. Cherry Red Gucci Wallet because every mom needs at least one piece of Gucci in their closet, and why not have it in Gucci signature red for a little extra POP.

8. Madewell Slide Bow Sandals for the on the go mom who needs comfort with an easy girly vibe.

(P.S. Mom, if you are reading this, I didn't get you any of these for the main reason that I know that you'd try to figure out your gift)


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And HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY TO ALL THE MOMS, MAMAS, MOTHERS, GRANDMAS, AUNTS, SISTERS, AND MOM-TO-BES. Without you we'd all be a giant population of "Hot Mess MF's". 

Love you all!

xoxo, BRIT.