Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

Hi Readers, I'm truly sorry that I've been so MIA on the blog lately.... I blame it on finals!

Anyway... I'm really excited to share with all of my readers all the details behind my accomplishment on graduating with my MBA from FIDM and my experience with their MBA program. Many of you might not know, but MBA is its own degree and it stands for Master in Business Administration. A lot of people get confused that when you get your masters that it is just a MBA, but you can master in many different fields, which have their own acronym to the title. I personally have always loved fashion, but I've always been most curious when it came to running a business and even starting a business.

Before I start blabbing on about my experiences before, during, and after FIDM, go check out my Graduation #OOTD, HERE.


Behind my cap design: I actually had a double faced cap design. This side was my Cardi B. Red bottom side of me that said "MBA ✔️ MAKING MONEY MOVES    Okurrr". I obviously had to do it because I was wearing red bottoms, which were a graduation present from my parents. The other side I put "MBA ✔️ MOMMA RAISED A LEGEND". I'll post close up pictures of my cap designs on my instagram later this week. The way I made it double sided was each dot you see in each corner was velcro and the paper designs were a 3 layer paper constructed with a hole in the middle for the cap's button to fit around. I think out of all 3 years I have graduated from FIDM, this is by far my favorite cap design. I love how my entrepreneurial mind creates things, WATCH OUT WORLD!

My Background and why I was destined to be where I am today:

You may not know already, but I started learning how to sew when I was 8 years old by my grandma, who was famous for making the entire family Christmas pajamas every year. So of course its in my DNA to be obsessed with fashion and the construction of clothing. When I got into high school I took 2 semesters of an Entrepreneur course. When graduating from high school, I had finished with a minor focus in "Entrepreneurship & Sciences", which is funny cause Science was my worse subject, but later on learned that focusing in business was part "science" in education backgrounds.

Sophomore year of high school I knew that I was going to FIDM, I went through my interview process, received my acceptance letter that I was going to FIDM in the Summer of 2012 for Fashion Design. I should have known back then that business was going to be my driving force into my career when I negotiated with the school counselor that I didn't need to take Chemistry or the SAT because I was going to FIDM and didn't need to look at that side of my academics. I don't know if it is required now or not. You can call FIDM to find more about academic requirements.

It wasn't until I had 1 more quarter left of my AA degree in Fashion Design that I realized, I don't want to do the grunt work in fashion by making pattern pieces and sewing garments. I wanted to research more about what the customers needs are and learning more about the business challenges in Fashion. I knew I didn't want to start my own clothing brand like every other fashion student. I was smarter than that. I knew if I wanted to help take over a fashion brand and restructure it to be more successful, I would need to get my bachelors degree in Business. Lucky for me at that time, FIDM had created a Bachelors of Science course in Business Management. After 2 years of studying fashion design, I went straight into studying business management. The biggest difference and struggle I faced was that the instructors didn't want any reports to be on fashion companies, but I knew this would open up my opportunities to find my career outside of fashion if I even needed to broaden myself elsewhere. The Fashion industry is HARD. People are viciously mean, and I was definitely not ready for it.

After graduating with my Bachelors degree 1.5 years later, I was employed at a very well known brand where I became a Design Assistant, a year in that position I knew I wasn't using my bachelors degree to the upmost of my ability, so I switched to merchandising assistant and learned way more in 3 months in the position than I did in a year as a design assistant. After being at the company for about 2 years I heard about the MBA program that FIDM had newly created, and I was very hesitant at first. 

I thought: Did I really want to go back to school? Did I really want to go back to sleeping 5 hours a night and doing uncontrollable amounts of homework each week? My answer was "Absolutely Not!", but I applied anyways and thought 'what the hell, if I get accepted, then I'll decide if I want to continue to do the program'. Two weeks later I was accepted into the program and I decided to go through with it, obviously as you can see.

**Keep scrolling, read my overall take from the MBA program at FIDM


The positives of this program:

More than half my classmates were some of the smartest and worldly individuals that I've met during my FIDM academic career. Most of my new friends have come from all over the world and have integrated their thoughts and cultures into our daily class discussions. It's quite amazing how much information I've learned in the last 9 months from them, than what I've learned in my whole time at FIDM. Our graduating class size was 16 people, which made the classes easy for us because each quarter that went by we better understood how each person worked independently and what to expect from each person during group assignments. (This is also a negative side of the program which I go into a little later, below) Lastly, the FIDM MBA program is quite affordable. My program cost about half of my Bachelors degree which was 1.5 years long, where you'll be receiving your MBA in about the same time at half the cost. This program does not include government funding since it isn't necessarily required to find appropriate jobs in an industry or field of work. 

The negatives of this program:

 If you are thinking of going through this program, please take the following into consideration when picking FIDM over other schools like USC, UCLA, and Pepperdine. This is a fast paced school, so if you know that you don't do well under pressure, either go to another school, or buckle up because you will go through this program with FIDM students who are used to this kind of pace and somehow we are used to no sleep. So grab your wrinkle cream and some coffee because you will have many all nighters to get through demanding projects and papers.

From my classmates and I in this program, we want to tell everyone, if you aren't willing to give up sleep for the program, do not join. Our dedication is on another level and we wanted to go through this program with people who have the same motivation and dedication that we have. If you just want an MBA but you don't want to work for it, go to another school.

Those enrolling this year for the MBA program at FIDM, be ready for the negative nelly's, the procrastinators, and those who probably shouldn't have been accepted into the MBA program. Unfortunately, FIDM lacks the interviewing process that it needs to have a completely successful and professional MBA program. 


During this program I learned a lot about how different business minds work independently and as a group. I met some amazing people, lost a friend or two along the way, but I know I benefitted in the end because sometime you have to get rid of toxic people to gain people in your life who are at your level and won't bring you down with them, but will raise you up whenever they see you need help. These new friends of mine are the most amazing and smart bunch that I've ever met in my entire life. I'm so fortunate to have graduated along side them. I know that I can count on them and they can rely on me for anything personal or business related in the near and distant future.

My graduating class were the ginny pigs of this program so there were a lot of trial and error. Based on our feedback to the chairmen of the program and school, they are planning on making this program 1.5-2 years long. Our class was 1 year long, meeting once a week after work (5:30pm-8pm) and all day Saturdays (8am-3pm) Our first quarter was 5 course classes, and was literally unbelieveably hard for those, like myself, who had a full time job working 40+ hours. This is why they plan to lengthen the program and will be making each quarter a smaller course load so those who work can still manage work life and school life. This program is not for those who feel that they "need" to have a personal life, you will not have time to have one during this program. I really suggest that FIDM conducts a stronger interviewing process to really weed through candidates who belong in this program, and those who just aren't ready for it. Success of the program is far more valuable than the money you are receiving from each student you allow into the program. (QUALITY OVER QUANTITY)

If I could do it all over again, I would do it, but I would have negotiated a little bit harder with professors and talked with the academic board on the need for a stricter interview process. I hope to one day answer any questions that young individuals might have for me regarding FIDM and all the different business programs they offer.

And who knows, maybe one day I'll be your professor. :)


Thanks for stopping by the blog today to read this special edition of my experience with FIDM and their new MBA program. Leave a comment below, and don't forget to follow me on all my social media accounts below.

See you soon!

xoxo, BRIT.