Hi Guys!!! Welcome back to #OOTD, I know I have been so MIA about posting for the blog, but I'm back!

So the reason I've been so MIA is because I'm going back to school to get my MBA, and I'm really excited to be back in school meeting such incredibly smart working professionals. I'm a month in to my 1 year program, and let me tell you, it is not easy like how Elle Woods makes it, and she was in law school. *ugh*

I've been so crazy busy with working full time in the fashion industry, and also now going to school 3 days a week, and doing homework every free chance I am given. That's why I haven't updated the blog and posted on social media. I'm really sorry for momentarily abandoning it, but I've figured out a solution to my busy schedule just so I can still have time to share with you guys.

I've made it a mission to also incorporate more affordable items in with my more expensive pieces as you will see today. Fortunately, I get the hook-up through work for most of my expensive items, so no I do not have an unlimited supply of money just for blogger clothes. Everything I wear I actually wear in my everyday life. Especially the Target clothes, I seriously can not get enough. (SHOUT OUT:  I LOVE YOU TARGET FAM!)


ROMPER: I love love love this romper I found at Target. I am wearing a size small, because I'm super tall and my torso is long. Just for a reference on sizing, I wear a 25 (0) and am 5'9". You can shop my romper, here. It's on sale!!!

BOOTS:  I'm wearing Diesel boots, 100% leather. I'm absolutely obsessed with them. They definitely add a little rock n' roll to each outfit. Shop my boots, here.

BAG: My bag is by Rebecca Minkoff, and I got it about 3 years ago during the holidays. I did find this exact color M.A.B. mini tote on TheRealReal for you, on super discount. Shop my bag, here.

RM is having an online sample sale right now, and lets just say, I'm not going to be getting just 1 new bag in the mail after browsing the selection. PS my MAB tote mini in other colors is apart of that sample sale, here. Check it out!

NECKLACE:  My necklace is by Tiffany & Co. and I'm completely obsessed with it. It's the perfect dainty necklace that draws the eye to the sexiest part of your body... your chest. Shop my necklace, here. Or shop the entire collection of "diamonds by the yard", here.

BRACELETS: My bracelets are by Mantra bands. They are my daily affirmations that I wear everyday, wherever I go. I have 5 right now, and I'm looking forward to getting my 6th on Christmas this year. *hint, hint.  Shop my Mantra bracelets, here.

MAKE-UP: I don't usually talk about makeup on the blog, but I started using Arbonne makeup in August and completely love every single product. I no longer have to wonder if all the ingredients in my makeup are really beneficial, and I knew more than half weren't beneficial to my skin with my old makeup. So that's when I started using Arbonne makeup. My favorite product is "Setting Pretty Setting Powder" and it literally makes your skin look airbrushed, no camera filter needed. Shop my make-up, here

*With Arbonne you can become a preferred client (fee waived during October) and receive 20% on your first purchase of $150, and you keep receiving 20%-40% off all year long. *no code needed

Well that's it for today's #OOTD, let me know your feedback and what you'd like to see more of on the next PBP #OOTD.





See you soon!