Pretty Blonde PennyComment


Pretty Blonde PennyComment

Okay thank you to the good Lord for dropping the temp way down to our normal 78 degrees! (Beach cities norms)

You have no idea how excited I am to be writing this blog post today! I have been ready for fall since August 31st! I'm so ready to go back to wearing skinny jeans, over-sized sweaters, boots, and all the above. The only reason I'm kind of okay that it isn't freezing here yet is that I need to do a cleanse or two cause I do NOT fit into a single pair of my skinny jeans, and I promise you that Mr. Collins and I are not expecting. I got some comments from the last blog post if I was carrying.... Nope just bloated. Duhh.

Any who, I need to go on a cleanse and I have a friend who has this magical stuff and it actually works for her and the women in her family. No joke, her mother is a size 27 and went down to a 25 in 30 days.... Where do I sign up??? So if you are wondering why my style for this blog post is kinda funky, its cause my pants don't fit and a dress was the only option. *HAHA

*Oh and the cleanse that I'm going to start Oct. 1st is Arbonne. They have the yummies protein shakes and they have products with 100% natural ingredients. I'm super excited about that too. If you have any questions about Arbonne let me know below, and I'll ask my bffl.*

Today, you will be seeing a few new pieces never worn by me on the blog, and there are 2 items never before seen here so I'm going to go straight into it cause I'm super excited to start wearing these transitional pre-fall pieces for when Fall actually hits, which is in November for most of us SoCal peeps.



So before I get into where to buy everything, I want to share that today Target followed me on IG, and I am about to start a collaboration with another amazing company. I'm just over the moon happy to share this point in my blogging career. I think today just might be the best day ever! :) Of course, I could not have done it without my OG PBP followers/readers. I love you all so much!


My dress is from Marshalls #marshallsfind and it is by Soprano. I love this dress and I've had it for years now and I'll probably have it for many more because its super silky stretchy jersey that is double lined so I never have to worry about if everyone can see through my dress. Definitely go to Marshalls and find Soprano dresses on the cheap, they are always there. Shop Soprano, here.

My denim duster is by Hudson Jeans. I love this piece and am most excited about it and can't wait to wear it more this fall, and into winter. It is definitely my #1 item at the moment for the perfect item to transition from fall into winter, but that is a whole other blog post. You can shop my denim duster, here.

My shoes, aka slides, are by Steve Madden from Nordstrom and they are 30% off right now!! Whoohooo! I know what you might be thinking. "Ew that slides trend is so ugly and I can't wait for it to be over." Well ladies and gentlemen, its here for along while. It is this summer's "it" shoe. I'll be going back to school for my masters degree so these will save me for those few days I won't get any sleep and won't have time to figure out my outfit the next morning. You can shop my shoes, here.

My necklaces are a mix between two. My long double layered on with pearls on it is by LCbyLauren Conrad from Kohl's. You can shop Lauren Conrad's necklaces, here. My triple layer necklace is from Forever21. You can shop similar necklaces, here.

My handbag.... duh people. It's Louis Vuitton Speedy 25, which I bought in Portland, OR this last July.


P.s. This is my first post I've ever posted with my hair up. Not in a wrap, Not half up half down. Actually up, and in a pony tail. Do we like it?? I'm on the fence about it.

Well that's it for today's #OOTD, let me know your feedback and what you'd like to see more of on the next PBP #OOTD.





See you soon!