Pretty Blonde Penny


Pretty Blonde Penny

I haven't been very good updating the blog with my travels so bare with me ...

For Memorial weekend I went up to Portland to visit my boyfriend after being apart for a month and we had the most amazing 2 days together. I know what you are thinking... 2 days together after a month apart??? Well we are both working on making big moves in our careers so we can be back together, but that's a story for another day.

While I was in Portland this last May we went wine tasting, had a bbq cook out which we ended up having to build a bbq about 2 hours before the actually bbqing took place. Then we went exploring to the coast where we spent the day at Cannon Beach and spent the day laying out and took pictures near the Haystack Rock.

We are about to hit the time where we were visiting Portland for the first time together for this Independence holiday. A year ago we took a rental car from Orange County all the way up the coast of California all the way to Portland and back. You don't truly know a person till you've taken a 2+ day road trip to a different state/location. Last year we went camping from San Fran to Weed California all the way to right outside West Linn, Oregon. 

Today I'll show you pictures of our time in Portland and the North and West sides of Oregon, but I will also include flashbacks from last year in Portland and the journey we took, without a single fight along the way. If you can tolerate a significant other through an 8 day vacation with road trips and a major holiday in between.... that's true love my friends. And to say the least, we truly are each others soulmates. I hope everyone finds their soulmate or at least someone they can tolerate everyday of their life. (haha. And I know he's reading this post now. LOVE YOU BABERS!)

Here's Memorial Weekend in Portland


Here are a few more photos that you can click through and view. I couldn't stand to leave them out of the bunch. WE ARE SOOOO CUTE!!!!

I will add an #OOTD post for the vineyard outfit pictures in a couple days. I hope you check back on the blog to shop this look. I got a ton of compliments on this outfit and love sharing with you guys where I get every single item I post about.

Here's a flashback into last years trip to Portland (1 year exactly!)


This time last year we did the following: 

  • Explored the coast of Cali and went over the Golden Gate Bridge for the first time ever
  • Stopped to take pictures at the Full House house
  • Picked up some hitchhikers (they were totally normal and such a cute couple, we still lived it through, but won't do again and don't advise to do what we did at all)
  • Swam in Shasta Lake
  • Camped out near Weed, CA and saw the weirdest bug (which scared the shizza out of me)
  • Drove over the state line and finally made it to Oregon where we camped for one more night literally in the middle of nowhere (bugs loved me and kept biting me... not fun or cute)
  • Visited the International Rose Garden and toured the Pittock Mansion
  • Stayed at the Hotel Eastlund and had a romantic dinner on the rooftop restaurant called Altabira City Tavern
  • Bought my first Louis Vuitton bag... and a wallet 
  • Toured around Downtown Portland (tried to vintage designer shop, but it was an epic fail. Definitely just tour the land marks and shop alot! #NOSALESTAX)

**If you have any questions or advice on what to do in Portland just leave a comment below and I will give you all the must needs to do when in Portland.

I've been getting a few comments on when we are moving to Portland, and for now, I am not moving to Portland. I still have an externship through school to complete before actually receiving my MBA degree which is why I've stayed in the OC/LA area. William, the boyfriend, is living in Portland now and he just got a great promotion with the potential to move back to Cali, so we are hoping and praying.


That's it for this edition of TRAVEL, don't forget to follow me on all of my social media accounts below so you are up-to-date on all things PRETTY BLONDE PENNY. You won't want to miss a single thing. Big things to come!


Love you guys so much.

xoxo, BRIT.